Lean simulation video - Manufacturing

Collection of Lean Simulations in Manufacturing sector

Lean Simulation videos from the Manufacturing sector

Designed to help Lean and Lean Six Sigma trainers to quickly grasp the key concepts of lean, this set of simulations is from the manufacturing industry.


Variation in Push system

Push vs Pull with Kandan

Here we will examine the difference between the Push system and the Pull system using Kanban in a simulated manufacturing model.


Batch vs One Piece flow

In this model we study batch vs one piece flow. Parts are generated every second, machines take 1 second to process parts. Conveyor belts take 1 second to move parts. And we assume packing and unpacking take no time. Let’s see the results.


Variation in Pull system

This model looks at the impact of variation on the Pull system that uses Kanban.



Kandan game: making robots

Takt Time & Line Balancing Takt Sign

This video demonstrates the lean concept of Takt time and Line Balancing.  Takt time is the maximum amout of time in which a product needs to be produced in order to satisfy customer demands.


These simulations are kindly provided by The Big Lean Simulation Library, LCC under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.


Jerry Levasseur
    Jerry Levasseur, PhD founded the Big Lean Simulation Library, LLC in 2015 to fill an under-served market: Lean and Lean Six Sigma trainers who wanted to quickly and easily show key lean concepts using computer simulation. This was second nature to Jerry because he has over 20 years experience writing simulations of these concepts, including in his Doctoral dissertation. In addition, Jerry was an Assistant Professor for 2 years and has conducted well over 100 corporate trainings, so he knows what is needed for effective presentation of these concepts. Jerry has simulated systems in just about any area: manufacturing, service, financial institutions, government, defense, and healthcare.

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