Strategy execution needs strong project management

Successful Strategy Execution needs strong Project Management

Successful Strategy Execution needs strong Project Management

In this video, Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez explains why business executives  do not understand why strategy execution needs strong project management. The presenter also covers why project management is an indispensable competency every organization needs to develop in order to successfully execute their strategies.

Antonio shares his insights based on years of business experience and research which includes revealing findings on the most influential management gurus and the top business school programs.

Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez
Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez is a professor of strategic change and project management at several business schools (Duke CE, Instituto de Empresa, Solvay, Vlerick). He is also an author of the book The Focused Organization, have been featured in several magazines, including Singapore Management Institute, Business Strategy Review and The Economist.Antonio loves to speak to large audiences - he is a regular keynote speaker at international events, where he speaks on strategic transformation and focus. In the past months he has been keynote speaker in conferences with thoughleaders Bob Kaplan, Rita McGrath, as well as politicians Didier Reynders and Donald Tusk, President of the European Council.Antonio specializes in running workshops with senior executives to increase their focus and improve their strategy execution dexterity. He has an MBA from London Business School and his education spanned Germany, Mexico, Italy, USA, Spain and the UK.He is currently a Director Head of PMO at GlaxoSmithKline Vaccines.Previously he worked in the banking sector, for BNP Paribas Fortis, where he implemented Project Portfolio Management practices to help the Executive Committee select, prioritize and execute 150+ projects and a budget of +100m euro yearly. Prior to that he was a Head of Post Merger Integration, leading the largest takeover in the financial service history: the acquisition of ABN AMRO.

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I m assured that you are one among a few Leaders that understood values of Project Management skill.

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