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What to look for in Operational Excellence software

What to look for in Operational Excellence software

If you’re looking for operational excellence software, there are a few important factors to consider:

Support for different maturity levels: Combine simplicity with rigour. Ensure any solution you choose meets your current needs but can grow with you. Check whether the solution has all the tools that will help you achieve your objectives including the ability to flex to meet your specific requirements.

User buy-in: User buy-in is critical to successful execution of strategy. Users respond well to simplicity. Choose a solution that is familiar looking and as easy to use as excel, and that offers a range of options for users depending on their needs and roles e.g. the ability to manage both simple and more complex projects.

Integrated benefit aggregation: The ability to aggregate financial and non-financial benefits from all relevant activity is critical. This should include different currencies, environmental impact and full time employees (FTEs).

Demonstrate benefits to leadership: Look for the ability to consolidate reporting to leadership in order to provide information on the extent to which current strategic assumptions are being met and that the necessary corrective action can be taken.

Drive best practice sharing: Choose a solution with the clear ability to help you to replicate best practices and learning across your organization without duplication of effort.

If you are currently implementing, or planning to implement an Operational Excellence program in your organisation, it’s time to consider i-nexus Operational Excellence Software. Here’s why:

  1. Flexible Solution
    Your belts will love i-nexus. The inefficiencies inherent in many traditional solutions are eliminated and the flexible nature of the solution means that your belts get the balance right between effort and reward.
  2. Self-Sufficiency at all Levels
    i-nexus puts you in control by providing self-sufficiency at organization, program office and end user levels. Any user can create their own dashboards and flexible reports, and your super users can configure the solution as you want it.
  3. Tools To Influence Leaders
    i-nexus will make you a Hero (assuming you aren’t one already)! With minimal effort, you’ll be able to clearly demonstrate aggregated benefits of Opex activities to engage and influence leadership, and keep lean six sigma (LSS) firmly on the leadership agenda. The visible alignment of Operational Excellence activities to the corporate strategy provide a compelling rationale for continued investment in the function
  4. Outstanding Service
    You get great service. While we partner with some of the world’s most demanding organizations, we do so with a flexible mind-set and with deep appreciation of the business issues.
Paul Docherty
    Founder of i-nexus, the leader in cloud-based software for strategy execution. Respected thought leader, adviser and co-architect of the Strategy Execution 2.0 "Business System" that is rapidly becoming the de facto blueprint for how large organizations successfully deploy and execute their strategic objectives.

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